Career Success – When Is the Best Time to Network

Many of us only remember to start networking when we hate our current job or when we are between jobs.  Unfortunately that is the worst time to start networking.  You can come across Negative –  If you are hating your job.  It’s inevitably you will complain about it while networking. No one likes to be around…  ...  read more

How to Network Effectively – A Simple Framework to Take Action

When I wrote about How to Network without Using Small Talk , I received a lot of email responses and interest.  I am not surprised to hear that most found networking uncomfortable.  I am glad to hear these networking articles are making it a little less intimidating.   I wanted to continue on this journey with you…  ...  read more

Soft Skills – How Nadia Handled Her Sudden Layoff

Being laid off is inevitable.  Almost everyone will experience it once in their career.  It is how you handle the layoff that will determine your career progression afterwards.  This is why it is so important to listen to this candid conversation I had with one of our Executive Authors, Nadia Drew. In this 15 minute…  ...  read more

Example of Networking Emails that Worked

Since I have written a few networking emails in the last few months, I wanted to share these examples with you to help you with your networking efforts.   Below are two examples, each with a different networking purpose. Example 1: Existing contact – asking for help (scoop on a company X) Context: This person…  ...  read more

How to Network without Using Small Talk – 5 Tips

Most people agree that networking is critical to business and career success.  You can find unadvertised job openings and business partners through your network.  Knowing networking is important is one thing, knowing how to do it is another.   This may be in part due to stereotypes about networking.  A recent conversation I had with a…  ...  read more

How to Network for a Job

To succeed like an executive, you not only need to know how to excel at your current job, but also need to know when it’s time to leave and how to best find your next job.   Most people has at least 8 to 10 jobs in their lifetime.  Don’t wait until you know you want to leave…


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