Resilience – Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight

A good friend of mine (thanks Jamie) forwarded this video to me, and I thought it would be fitting to share it here. More than half of the battle in a job search is actually the emotional aspect — thinking positive, staying in action, and “standing up” when you feel “knocked down” by the lack of results. This type of resilience is what will separate those who give up from those who persevere.

This video is a commercial shot by Dwyane Wade. He may be short, he may get knocked down, but he always stands up to try again. As a result, he becomes one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Those who succeed in life are not usually the ones that never failed. In fact, it’s the opposite — successful people usually have some of the most spectacular stories of failures or dark hours. It’s how they responded to those challenges that make them great. Dwyane Wade went on to win the NBA championship and become MVP of the year.

So, next time you feel “knocked down” by life or your job search, I hope this video will inspire you to stand up and try again. Remember to also reach out to others for help.  Good luck out there!

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– Lei

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