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With a Soft Skills Gym membership, you can access key contents by soft skill. Use the soft skill table below to find

  • Group coaching seminars – recorded from live coaching calls with members.  You can also find a summary here
  • Key articles pertaining each particular soft skills
  • Soft skill work-outs
  • 10-15 min interviews with executives.  You can also find a summary here.

NEW – Mini-Courses:  I am starting to add mini-courses to help guide you in learning these skills.   See an example of a Mini-course for Communication and Interpersonal skills.  Click on the link below and let me know if they help.

Self Management Skills

Conventional People Skills

Tribal People Skills

Growth mindset

Communication skills

Difficult personalities

Emotion regulation

Facilitation skills

Difficult situations


Interpersonal skills

Influence skills


Leadership skills

Managing upwards


Management skills

Negotiation skills


Meeting management

Networking skills


Mentoring & coaching

Office politics

Self awareness

Presentation skills

Self promotion

Self confidence

Selling skills

Stress management

Teamwork skills

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