What Not to Do with Resumes

A friend sent me two articles last week that I wanted to share.  After reading them, I want to share some advice for what NOT to do with resumes. First article is called “Linkedin – Top 10 resume words to avoid”. According to Linked-in, the following are the top-10 most overused terms.   I did a…  ...  read more

How Hiring Managers Think

I went to a café for lunch today.  I don’t usually eavesdrop on other’s conversation, but in this café, it’s so cozy it’s impossible to ignore other’s conversations.   Well I happen to overhear a very interesting and loud conversation between 3 people who work at an environmental software company.   They are trying to decide whether…  ...  read more

Interview tip – practice makes perfect

It’s amazing how much children (like my 21 months old) can repeatedly do things so they can learn a new skill, like how to build a puzzle. There is no hesitation or judgment – just pure focus on repeating an action until she gets it right and sheer drive to learn more everyday. Developing your…  ...  read more

Ask for Help

It doesn’t matter how old you are and how skilled you are, it’s always a good idea to ask for help or a second opinion.  Tom Peters, the author of “In Search of Excellence” agrees. I attended a “Newpreneur of the Year” finale event a month ago in San Francisco sponsored by INC and Alibaba.com….  ...  read more

Starting a New Job – 6 Tips for First 90 Days

If you just got a new job, congratulations! This is a tough market, so getting a job is definitely an achievement. Now another type of work begins. The first 90 days on the job is critical to building a strong foundation for success at your new company. You may say, what do you mean? I…

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