Don’t Make this Fatal Mistake in Interviews

I had lunch with a Deloitte alumni friend recently.  He is now a VP of Retail Sales at a major financial institution.  Since he knew I had a passion for career coaching, he told me the following recruiting story.  In the last few weeks, he has interviewed over 20 candidates for several sales openings, Manager…  ...  read more

How Hiring Managers Think

I went to a café for lunch today.  I don’t usually eavesdrop on other’s conversation, but in this café, it’s so cozy it’s impossible to ignore other’s conversations.   Well I happen to overhear a very interesting and loud conversation between 3 people who work at an environmental software company.   They are trying to decide whether…  ...  read more

The Worst Interview Faux Pas

A friend sent me this article – The Worst Interview Faux Pas. It’s unbelievable what some people would do in interviews. In this article, various hiring managers dishes on the eight types of interview faux pas they have encountered. Most stories should make you laugh or shocked, but if any makes you think “Wait, what’s wrong…  ...  read more

Job Search Advice from a Senior Headhunter

In addition to writing from my own experience, I also want to share career advice from experts in the field. Last week, I spent 90 minutes chatting with one such expert – Steve Meyers, a senior recruiter in executive searches. I met Steve a few years ago at a Wharton MBA alumni networking lunch. I…  ...  read more

15 Interview Preparation Tips

An interview can be the gateway to a great job. The key to acing an interview lies in interview preparation. No one is naturally ready for an interview, even if you know all your experiences by heart. You need to prepare for every interview so that you can show: You have done research on the…


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