Key Differentiators in Job Search

Last week, I saw on the news. “Unemployment is now at 8.5% and FedEx just laid off a 1000+ employees.” It’s easy to feel depressed or demotivated with news like that especially for anyone looking for a job.

Dwelling on those statistics will only make you doubt your ability to get that next job. For you, I say stop wasting time with things you cannot change. This can begin by stop watching depressing news, stop telling other people depressing stories about the job market, and stop letting other people tell you these stories. These news and stories will just unconsciously weigh negatively on your psyche. It is important especially in this tough market to hang in there, maintain a positive attitude, and keep your mind clear to focus on job search. This is what can separate you from the masses.

You can be that person that spend hours or many sleepless nights worrying about whether you will get a job or worse hesitates from applying to certain jobs because you think you won’t get it OR you can be a person that is always in action and applying for every job there is relevant to you, tap into every friend you know to look for leads, going to all relevant network events, and showing up to every interview prepared and with enthusiasm and focus. And most importantly, you can stay focused on your job search activities with the same enthusiasm and energy even after you didn’t get that interview or just been turned down for a job.

Choosing to do the latter is not easy, but at least it’s in your control. Attitude and perseverance are key differentiators in this tough market. By choosing not to waste hours on worrying or feeling depressed about the job market and instead spend more time in job search activities with a positive attitude, you can persevere and find a job quicker.

I leave you with two quotes to think about
“Success seems to largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” – William Feather.
“If you are going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

Hang in there and good luck!

– Lei

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