Free 10 min Coaching


  • 10 minute one-on-one coaching via Skype or by phone
    My Skype username is BeMyCareerCoach
  • All conversations are recorded with your permission.  To help others I may rebroadcast our conversation on this website, editing out any reference to personal information.
  • Anyone who is a subscriber of the Career Success newsletter can request free coaching
  • Please note only topics that have NOT been discussed on my podcasts qualify for free coaching.  See my podcast topics here.

How to request for free coaching.  After you sign up for the newsletter, reply to any of the newsletter emails you receive with the following information
  1. State ” I would like to request a free 10 min coaching session and “I am okay with our sessions being recorded and broadcasted”
  2. Ask one burning question you would like to discuss – the more specific it is, the more I can help.
  3. Include background info on what you want to discuss + your latest resume
  4. Include 3 possible times for discussion and you phone number – pls provide me at least 1 week advance notice.
I look forward to hearing from you.  I am always in your corner.

Private Coaching Service

Thanks for your interest.  I look forward to discussing how to help you with your career success.
My Career Coaching Philosophy
  • I believe you drive your own career and my role is to support you, not take over.
  • I believe in “teaching you how to fish instead of giving you the fish.”
  • I believe in constructive career coaching but no sugar coating.  I will be direct, action focused, and supportive.
  • I believe less is more.  I will limit our career coaching sessions to at most 1 hour a week.   I will give you many suggestions for action to do on your own to develop your skills and reach your goals.
  • My only goal is to help you reach your career goals.  This is my passion.  At any point, if you don’t think my services are helping, let me know and we can stop it.  I want the time we spend to be impactful for you.
Profile of best clients
  • Team members, managers, directors, and vice presidents with at least a college degree
  • Want to accelerate your career success and make efforts to develop new skills as needed
  • Self motivated to do the hard work to change
  • see Client Testimonials below

Career Coaching Session Details

  • Initial free 10 minute call to discuss my services, your career coaching needs, and determine whether there is a mutual fit (first time clients only)
  • We both decide whether to go forward with a session.
  • If so, I will send questions by email prior to session to get context and detailed information related to our first coaching sesion.  You will need to answer these questions prior to our phone session.  The more detail you send before hand, the more I can prep and make the phone session the most effective for you
  • Full session = one hour career coaching phone call based on agreed time (30 minute half sessions are available after the first session)
  • Cost is $160 per full session.    All session cost must be pre-paid.
Contact me with the following information to schedule an initial free consultation.
  • Pls specify that you would like “private one-on-one coaching”
  • What career issues you would like coaching for and provide any context
  • Your phone numbers and best times to call

 I look forward to helping you with your career.  I am always in your corner.

– Lei