Great Way to Start 2018 – Summary of Insider Tips for Every Career Situation

stack the deckWhatever your career situation is today, I can help you “Stack the deck” in your favor.  Job search and work are never fair.   It will favor those who know how to play the game.  I am here to help you with insider tips on how to play the game to your advantage in any career situation.  If you are in any of the four situations below, I can point you to the insider tips I have gathered in the last 20 years, so you can work smart, get what you want in your career, and live more.

  1. I need to find a job
  2. I just started a new job
  3. I want to get promoted
  4. I need to figure out my career direction

If you are in a situation not mentioned above, pls add your comment to this article and I will respond to also help you “stack the deck” for yourself in that situation

Career situation 1:  I need to find a job.   

US unemployment rate is at its lowest in the last 17 years at 4.1%.  This is good news for those looking for work as it means there is likely many job openings and much less competition than before.   Here are 3 tips on how to give yourself the best chance.

  • Networking is key to finding a good job – this is especially true if you have more than 10 years of experience.   Many times, there are jobs not even posted yet that you can find via your network.   Here are examples of networking emails that work.   You can learn all about networking on this helpful page. Here are all the tips for you on how to find a job.
  • Your resume is your marketing ad –  recruiters and hiring managers usually take 10-15 sec to review it.  Therefore, make sure you have an executive summary that highlights all your qualifications and tailor your resume for each job you are applying.    For more tips, start with 10 tips in making your resume outstanding.
  • Interviewing well is key to your success – it is all about your communication skills and practice.    So go to as many interviews as you are invited to, even for jobs you may not want, just for the practice of it.   Start with these tips – 7 interview tips everyone should follow

For more tips on job search, go to the right rails of this site, you can find a lot more articles with job search tips in the Categories section.

Career situation: I just started a new job

Every new job is a fresh start whether it’s in the same company or a different company.

Career situation: I want to get promoted

Getting promoted is usually a year long process.  You will need to do all of the following

Career situation:  I need to figure out my career direction

Many people face this situation.  We will have on average 5-7 careers in our life time, so career changes are more common than you think.

First you must figure out if you really want a career change or is the grass just seem greener somewhere else?   There is no perfect career, no perfect work situation.   Sometimes your efforts in exploring other careers can lead you to appreciate the one you are in.  If so, it was still worth the journey and you will be happier for it.

Here are 5 things to consider in a career change and 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are on the right career path?

Your comments:  What is your career situation?  What do you want to achieve for your career in 2018?  How can I help you?   Leave your comment below and we can have a discussion

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