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23 thoughts on “Almost finished …”

  1. There are several categories that I would like to read, that I think will also help me with my goals and future career as well as my current college courses for my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration Management. I would very much so like to sign up however I can not even afford at this time the discounted price of $12.95/month. I am an online college student who has also been unemployed trying to find a job since October of last year. If there was a way for me to get help in getting the money needed so that I could sign up I would.

    1. Pamela, $12.95 a month is a super low price and actually I am still subsidizing this site even with that price. First month is free. You are welcome to sign up and make the most of it in your first month and then cancel if you really can’t afford. I would also recommend you look at your budget overall if $13 is an issue a month – e.g., stop buying any coffee at Starbucks or Peets, bottle water at supermarkets, eating out at all. and also considering finding an hourly job to get by as you work on your career overall. Survive first, win later. That skill is important as you figure this out. Good luck!

  2. Soft skills are the primary force in my new job. I just started my own cleaning business. Communicating with clients every day is a big part of getting and keeping a clients. Everything I can learn about soft skills will be a big part of a successful career.

  3. I am just a big softy. soft skills are just as important than the hard skills for one soft skills had the “knowledge” and “instinctive” catagory’s which can take a person a little further with some hard skills. Because they are the keys of the human nature.

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