In Your Corner

I never watching boxing. But when I think of coaching, for some reason I think of that boxing coach in the corner of the ring that provides strategy and advice between rounds.

It’s your career, so you are the fighter that will need to do the work and fight your best to win. And a top notch coach “in your corner” could mean the extra edge you need to win in this tough market.

– I can help you strategize how to excel during job search, interview, and at your current job.
– I know how to recruit and hire professionals and what recruiters are looking for
– I have mentored dozens of professionals in and outside of work
– I am a business professional and excel at my own career assisting fortune 500 executives
– I can help you leverage your strength, avoid common pitfalls, and perform at the “top of your game”

I look forward to being “in your corner”

– Lei

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