How to Network for a Job

To succeed like an executive, you not only need to know how to excel at your current job, but also need to know when it’s time to leave and how to best find your next job.   Most people has at least 8 to 10 jobs in their lifetime.  Don’t wait until you know you want to leave a job to start job search.  It’s important to network early and often while still at work in order to find a great next job.

Networking job search is not easy.  You need to be resourceful about who to network with, how to cold call, and how to uncover job opportunities even when the company has no official openings.    However the effort is worth it.  If you can discover job openings before it hits the open market, you would have significant advantage in getting an interview and possibly the job.

So how can you network with companies even when they don’t have any official job openings?  Listen to this podcast which is an one-on-one coaching discussion on this exact topic.  You will find answers to the following questions

  1. How to identify companies to network with?
  2. How to approach companies to introduce yourself?  should you email, call, set up an info interview etc..?
  3. How networking this way benefits you and the companies you approach?
  4. How networking can help you find a job long term?
Your comments: Was this  podcast helpful?  Can you suggest other ways to network for a job?  Add your comments below and let’s have a discussion.
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