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The Power of Words – Speak Wisely at Work and at Home

My husband sent me this video last week and I was blown away by its message.  It Is < 5 minutes, but carries a powerful reminder for us all – the power of our words and why we should speak wisely.  Here is the video and what it meant for me.   I look forward to…

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How to Become an Extraordinary Leader – 3 Unexpected Lessons

When I was nominated for a leadership training at work, I was honored but skeptical I would learn anything substantial.   I am glad however to be proven wrong.  In the last five months, I have learned more about my leadership style and leadership brand than I had ever expected.   Even better, I am already applying…  ...  read more

Changing Careers – How to Interview Effectively

 Changing careers is not easy for some. However, once you master effective interviewing when changing careers, the path to success becomes a lot clearer. I had a chance to interview one of our Executive Authors, Helena Light, who is a master at changing careers. In eight years at one bank, she had four different careers:…  ...  read more

The Leadership Lesson Don Learned Unexpectedly

I am honored to introduce another Executive Author, Don Victor, to our candid conversations series.  Don is senior executive and currently head of a division of 300 people.  Don is a senior executive, and is currently the head of a 300-person division. I am so pleased that he agreed to be an Executive Author for my website….  ...  read more

Recovering from a Work Setback – Dos and Donts

I had an important meeting to lead yesterday. After six months of managing this project, I was hoping this meeting would be the final one needed to get there necessary agreement from all the key business stakeholders. Everything was looking good — we already went through 4 rounds of feedback, and addressed all the concerns…  ...  read more

Being Right Is Not Enough

I have been struggling with an issue at work: We are doing a project that I know is the right thing to do for the company and the line of business involved.  With that said, I still need to figure out the best way to inform the partners in that line of business about the…

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