Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Being able to communicate effectively and build great relationship at work are essential to your success.   Maya Angelou once said, ” “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What this means for you is if you want to improve your communication skills, you must also develop your interpersonal skills as they go hand in hand.

Mini-Course to Get Started Today

Learning any skills requires taking action.   You can do it!  Make the commitment to get started today and I can help you.  Every time you add a comment or complete a step below, you are helping your brain solidify what you are learning.   I will also respond to your comments to support you in your journey :-).  Do this for your career and for yourself!  The more you build your soft skills, the more you will get the credit you deserve at work!  Good luck and have fun with it!

The following 5 steps are critical to kick-start your learning in communication and interpersonal skills.  Set aside time (e.g. 1 step per week or month) to take action.

Step 1: Build your foundation concepts

To complete this step – you must add a comment in each of the above articles.   It can be about what you learned or a question for me!

Step 2:  Hone your Email communication – Everyone needs to write emails.  Practice how to be more effective in writing email and get the response you need.

To complete this step – you must add a comment in each of the above articles and have written three emails using the checklist method.

Step 3:  Learn to Listen – If we want to be heard we must learn first how to listen to others.

To complete this step – Practice listening in 3 different 1 on 1 communications.  Tell me about your experiences by adding comments to the article above. (It takes 21 times for a new skills to become a habit.  Doing it at least 3 times will give you a good start)

Step 4: Find out your current Interpersonal Communications Style and how to improve

To complete this step:  Add a comment or question to the second article above.

Step 5: Learn to Speak up in a Group Setting

To complete this step:  Practice speaking up at least once (better if it’s 3 times) and add a comment or question to each of the article above.

silver levelCongratulations!  By finishing all 5 steps, you have achieved the Silver Level in this soft skill.  Great Work!  I am working on the Gold and Platinum Level courses, so stay tuned…

Help me help you!  Add your comments and suggestions below to help improve these mini courses so they can better help you succeed!

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Best wishes to your career success! I am always in your corner


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    1. Roney, thanks for your comment. “Critical thinking” is a pretty large topic. What exactly are you trying to solve for your career, related to critical thinking? any examples would be helpful.

    1. Yes the mini course is self guided. You just follow the instructions above and do do what it suggests including adding comments / questions to articles or exercises. I will respond as you go.

      You can get personal coaching via email by using the “Ask me Anything” tab under the soft skills gym menu.

      These are part of the monthly membership. There will also be group coaching calls you will be invited to. I will be sending one out shortly. Topics are chosen based on what members voted. Next topic is on how to deal with difficult personalities. Stay tuned for the invite. Thanks for signing up.


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